Dog Walking Rules

Dog walking rules

We really appreciate all the people who want to come and walk our dogs! We just wanted to make note of a few things to help keep our dogs, volunteers, and staff safe.

  • NEVER let dogs meet! We have a lot of dog aggressive dogs, and some we just don’t know how they will do, so we never allow volunteers or adopters to do dog introductions without a staff member present. If you are looking to adopt a dog, and would like to introduce them to another dog, you just need to talk to a staff member, and we are happy to help. 
  • ALWAYS keep your hand through the loop on the leash. In the last few days we have had 3 dogs get away from walkers. (Thankfully they are all back with us safe). Keeping your hand through the loop helps prevent you from losing our dogs! Even if a dog is walking nicely, you never know if they will see something that they might want to run to, and that is how many dogs get lost.
  • If you lose a dog, please call CCHS immediately if you have your phone on you. If you are unable to call please come back to the shelter as quickly as possible and inform staff that the dog got loose. Know what area you lost the dog in, and NEVER chase a dog that has gotten away from you, especially if they are a nervous dog. At best it becomes a game and at worst they will run further away. Try to lure the dog back calmly with treats and a soft voice. Sometimes laying down on the ground helps as well. 
  • Let us know ahead of time if you have any limitations on the sort of dog you can walk, including if you are bringing young kids, as some of our dogs do not do well with children. We are happy to work with you if you can’t handle larger/stronger dogs, but we also don’t want to waste your time having you come in if all the dogs we have are big pullers or sassy with children. Be honest with the staff about the type of dog you can handle. We get lots of dog walkers, so don’t feel bad if you aren’t able to handle that big dog who likes to pull. We would rather not have you get hurt or have our dog get away. 
  • Watch the dog you are walking for any signs of distress. If they seem like they are getting tired, too cold, too hot, please bring them back right away and inform the staff. If you notice any other issues, such as limping, straining to use the bathroom, etc. also let the staff know. 
  • Be present with the dog. Don’t go for a walk to play on your phone, and if you use headphones always keep one headphone out, so you can stay aware of your surroundings. It’s also a good idea to program CCHS’s number into your phone in case you have any problems: 906-487-9560
  • Do not let the dog interact with members of the public. If someone approaches the dog, politely tell them to please contact the shelter if they are interested. This is really important as we get some shy dogs who are nervous around new people, young kids, etc. and we don’t want to see anyone get hurt.
  • If you have a larger group you must contact the shelter ahead of time.
  • If the temperature is below 15° F we will not have dog walking. We also may limit how long dogs can be out if the temperature is too warm.  

CCHS reserves the right to not allow individuals who break any of the above rules from walking. Your, our staff’s, and our dogs’ safety are our highest priority.