Report Animal Abuse

Unfortunately, the humane society is not animal control and not authorized to act as such.  As much as we would love to assist, you must contact the police about suspected animal abuse and/or neglect.  You can dial 911 and tell them it’s a non-emergency, or contact one of the local law enforcement agencies listed below.

If you would like to inform CCHS of the abuse/neglect, we are more than happy to take a report and notify/follow-up with police about the situation and assist them as needed.

IT’S VERY IMPORTANT to have any many details as possible when reporting animal cruelty: location information with address, owner name if possible, type and description of the animal, what abuse/neglect is believed to be occurring. Photos, video and any other documentation are also wonderful to have, but not always realistic to obtain. NEVER put yourself in harm’s way to get evidence of abuse or confront a suspected abuser.

At this time, Michigan laws aren’t as strict as many other states in regards to animals, but those laws are changing and we will work with law enforcement to make sure the proper protocols are followed when it comes to animal care.

You can contact us at any time with questions, concerns or reports. We will always keep your information confidential.

You can call CCHS at 906-487-9560 or email


Michigan State Police Calumet Office: 906-337-5145

Baraga County Sheriff Department: 906-524-6100

Keweenaw Bay Tribal Police Department: 906-353-6626

Houghton County Sheriff Department: 906-482-0055

Houghton City Police Department: 906-482-2121

Hancock City Police Department:  906-482-3102

Keweenaw County Sheriff Department: 906-337-0528

Lake Linden Village Police Department: 906-296-9911

Laurium Village Police Department: 906-337-4000

Calumet Police Department: 906-334-2345