Cat Room Rules

  1. Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or adult at ALL times while visiting/volunteering at CCHS.
  2. Do not let any cats out of kennels without permission from a staff member.
  3. Do not bother grumpy cats. If a cat twitches their tail, hisses, or otherwise indicates they want to be left alone, do not continue bothering them. You are only increasing your chance of getting bit or scratched. By irritating them you are also making it substantially more likely that they will pick a fight with another cat.
  4. Do not drag cats out from under kennels or cubbies. If they do not want to come out, do not force them to. You are increasing your chances of being bit or scratched, and it is not very nice.
  5. Ask a staff member before giving out any treats. Cats get sick if they have too many treats, so the staff keeps track of how many they get. Some cats are also on special diets and will get very sick if they have any treats.
  6. String toys cannot be left unattended in the cat room. They must be removed when you are done playing with the cats. In the past we have had cats get them wrapped around their necks, and they are also extremely dangerous if swallowed.