Lost & Found Animals

Lost & Found Paws of the UP is a great place to look for lost pets or see if someone is looking for a stray you found. https://www.facebook.com/ punchke5/

UPAWS – Marquette
815 S. State HWY M553
Gwinn, MI 49841
Phone: (906) 475-6661

KSNAG – Laurium
55934 Lake Linden Ave
Laurium, MI 49913
Phone: (906) 296-9144

Some tips for finding a lost pet: https://www.petfinder.com/ cats/lost-and-found-cats/lost- pet/

If you find a lost pet please contact CCHS. We keep track of lost pets and might be able to help you find the owner. We can also scan them for a microchip at the shelter, which can also help find their owner. If we are not open please call us or message our Facebook page if you need to bring us a stray animal. If you are not able to transport the stray to the shelter you can call the sheriff’s department to pick up a dog. Unfortunately they will not pick up cats. Even if you are not able to catch the animal you could still let us know. Maybe we know of someone looking for an animal with that description in that area.