Reclaiming Your Pet From CCHS

Is your lost pet at CCHS?  Please call us at 906-487-9560 (leave a message!), email or message us on Facebook.

Because we need to protect the animals that come through our doors, we need to make sure they get back to their true home. It is for the owner and pet’s protection that we cannot release any pet without proof of ownership. In order to claim a pet from CCHS, the following rules apply:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to claim an animal.
  2. You need to provide a government issues I.D.
  3. You must have proof of ownership, such as proof of dog license, vet records for the pet or a photo of the pet.
  4. You must pay any applicable fees owed to CCHS upon reclaiming your pet (fee schedule below).

Reclaim Fees:

  • Same Day Pickup: Free for first offense, $10.00 if repeat offender
  • First Offense: $15.00 first day, add $10 each additional day
  • Second Offense: $20.00 first day, add $15.00 each additional day
  • Third Offense: $25.00 first day, add $20.00 each additional day
  • After the third offense, the Sheriff Department will be contacted to issue a citation and you will be required to get a valid rabies vaccination and license before animal is released (dogs only). 




Please note, Michigan law allows animal shelters to take full custody of animals four days after impound if they have no form of identification on them, seven days if there is any form of identification (even a collar with no tags). After that time, CCHS will do any needed vetting and place an animal up for adoption. If you are missing an animal, please make sure to contact us, leave a message, send a photo, let us know where the animal is missing from and when he/she went missing. This way, we can post on our social media and alert you should we get your pet in or hear anything about them.