Which Poorly Drawn Pet should we get as a tattoo?


This event has ended! Becki will be getting #17 and Rebecca will be getting #20. Photos will be posted once they get their tattoos, but it will take some time for them to get appointments. Thanks again to everyone who donated!


Shelter manager Becki and staff member/event planner Rebecca are going to get one of the poorly drawn pets tattooed on them if we get at least 200 votes! Voting is $5 per vote are you are more than welcome to vote more than once! Because having 275 options would be a bit much, we selected 20 possibilities, which you can view below. To vote select the number you want to vote for in the drop down menu, and select how many votes you would like to buy. If you would like to vote for more than one photo, you will need to submit the form separately for each photo.

Voting will be open until Saturday, April 24.

*Note some photos have been simplified to make them easier to turn into a tattoo. We cannot promise the tattoo will be exactly the same as the photo, but it will be as close as we can get it. If 200 votes are reached, it may take us some time to get appointments with tattoo artists, but we are absolutely serious about getting some new ink! Rebecca has been in touch with Josh at Bramble and Stag (Houghton), and Becki will be getting hers from Norm at Out of the Norm (Calumet).

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