Take Your Time

At CCHS we want to help connect the right animals with the right people. We never want to set up an animal for a failed home because we know it is extremely hard on not only the animal, but the people. This is why we want to encourage people to really think about what they want and need in an animal. CCHS is a no kill shelter, so if you do not adopt that cat or dog, they will be loved and cared for by the staff  until we find them the right home. We are very upfront about what we know about our animals. Some we know from lots of experience will NOT get along with other animals. We have been surprised before, but we absolutely do not encourage people who want to have their pet around other animals to adopt one who we have seen absolutely no positive interactions with other animals. We do not lie about our animals. That would serve us, the animals, adopters, and volunteers absolutely no benefit, and honestly would only cause problems. Please do not feel like you have to adopt an animal who does not fit what you want because you want to see them in a home. We have absolutely no problem keeping animals for as long as it takes to find the right home. Taking home a cat or dog that is not what fits what you want and need does not do them any good. We want people to recognize what they want and can handle. Please also bear in mind that we only know what we have seen at the shelter. A dog might do fine with cats at the shelter and go home and not get along with them. A cat might seem super people friendly at the shelter then not get along with a child in the home. We understand that sometimes this happens, and we don’t hold grudges against people who return animals, but what we really need from adopters is for them to understand what they want and can handle. Taking some time to really think about what you want and need from an animal could make a big difference. As we’ve said before it is extremely hard on animals to be adopted then returned from the shelter. If it really isn’t working out that is totally okay to bring them back (and you are contractually obligated to return them to us), but it is better to not put them or yourself in that situation if it is preventable. (And we totally recognize sometimes it’s not and things just don’t work out.) Don’t assume you can change the animal. Some animals just don’t like other animals. Some animals simply will not do well in a home with children (even visitors). We want to encourage honest conversation with adopters. We absolutely will not judge you if you want to get another dog down the line and pass on a dog aggressive dog. We definitely will not judge you from passing on a not child friendly cat if you have a kid who visits often. We just want to fit the right animals with the right people, and a big part of that is making sure you recognize what you want and need. We are happy to work with you to get you the best possible animal for your home. Sometimes it takes a little while to find that, and we know most people are excited when they are finally able to get a pet, but we also don’t want to see anyone rush into getting a pet. We keep applications on file, and if you don’t find the right animal for you right away, we are happy to pull up your app once the right animal comes along. We are not trying to attack anyone at all, we just want to prevent what we call boomerang animals. It’s best for them and their adopters to find and stay in their forever home rather than bounce back and forth to the shelter. Boomerang animals tend to have more behavioral and health issues the more they bounce back and forth from the shelter. Moral of the story: take your time. Make sure you find a pet that is right for you. The staff is happy to talk to you about who would be the best fit.