Don’t fall in love with a picture

Often we get people looking at pictures of animals on our website and they get their heart set on one particular dog or cat without an approved application or knowing everything they need to know about the animal. It’s always so sad when we get someone with their heart set to find out that they are not a good fit for their household. We believe in being honest with our adopters and potential adopters. Lying would do us, adopters, our animals, and if you have other animals absolutely no good and could result in serious injury. 

Yes, it’s true that sometimes when an animal is out of the shelter, they might decide they are okay with other animals, but we will not send home a dog that has only had negative interactions with other dogs, cats, etc. to a home with other animals, and the same is true for cats. It can be a bit frustrating when people show no concern that an animal has only shown aggression to other animals with us still wanting to take them home because they think they can “make it work.” The last thing we want is for animals or people to get hurt. Often animals that are getting aggressive with other animals, be it cats or dogs, will redirect, meaning they will bite the person who is trying to break it up or even just so happens to be nearby. What if that happens to be an innocent child who just so happened to be playing near the animals when they got into it? 

Our goal is to match animals with homes that will be the best possible fit. This is why it’s important to listen to the staff when looking into adopting an animal. We know our critters best, and we want to ensure they will be in homes where they and their adopters are happy. We don’t want to turn down awesome adopters, but ultimately we will make the call that is best for the animals, ours and yours.