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CCHS is a full service animal rescue organization dedicated to helping cats and dogs.  Our volunteer based organization works daily to house the homeless, rescue the abused and abandoned and end the unwanted breeding through spay/neuter programs and education.* CCHS is a local non–profit organization and not part of any state or national organization.*

Adoption Services – Our successful adoption program matches homeless animals with responsible people seeking pets.  The nominal adoption fee helps defray some of the costs of the initial vaccination, deworming and spaying/neutering of adopted dogs and cats.  CCHS helps over 900 animals annually and ninety percent of our dogs and cats are adopted or claimed every year.  There is NO time limit on our animals looking for homes, CCHS cares for them for as long as they need us.  CCHS cares for about 80 animals each day at our shelter.

 Education– CCHS provides outreach and education to schools, civic organizations and other interested groups.  Speakers discuss various animal-related issues with emphasis on caring for pets.  When appropriate, a shelter animal accompanies the speaker, giving audiences a chance to see an example of the animals   available for adoption.  In addition CCHS uses all forms of media such as TV, radio, newspaper, newsletters and handouts to inform and educate the community about all aspects of animal care.

Spay/Neuter – CCHS is dedicated to controlling the dog and cat population.  No  animal leaves the shelter without being sterilized (unless advised not to due to health reasons by a veterinarian). CCHS also provides low cost  vaccination clinics to also assist people in keeping  their pets healthy and happy.

Volunteers – Volunteers are the cornerstones of CCHS. The shelter relies on volunteers to   assist with all aspects of its daily operations including transporting animals to and from the   veterinary clinic, rescuing abandoned and neglected animals, picking up supplies and cleaning kennels.  Volunteers walk dogs,  socialize cats, assist and respond to animal emergencies.  In addition they keep the building in repair as well as doing general maintenance tasks.  Volunteers also perform daily bookkeeping, accounting and fundraising activities needed to keep the organization operational.  Information and photographs are  supplied to the local media regarding lost and adoptable pets.  Volunteers donate more than 220 hours per week to the shelter and CCHS.

 Staff – the shelter has limited paid staff that work approximately 80 hours per week to help with the cleaning and care of the animals.  The animals are cared for every day of the year including all holidays and weekends.  Trained staff also serves as adoption counselors who assist in placing animals into good homes, educate new adopters on pet care and provide a wonderful resource for new volunteers who visit the shelter.