Change a Pet’s Life Day

Update: Penelope and Brady were adopted!

In honor of Change a Pet’s Life Day we would like to tell you about the cats who have
been at CCHS for the longest. They are all great cats, and we would love to see each
and every one of them find their purrfect home. While we aren’t open today we would
love to encourage anyone interested in any of our animals to fill out an application,
which you can find on our website, or maybe share this with someone you think might
be interested in one of these great pets. The number of days next to their name is how
long they have been at the shelter as of January 24, 2019.

Alyse – 192 days

Poor Alyse has been at the shelter since July. Deep down she is a sweetheart, but she
is just so stressed out at the shelter. She isn’t the biggest fan of other cats, so as you
can imagine she gets really stressed out sometimes. This leads her to give a less than
accurate first impression at times. When things are nice and calm Alyse can be so
affectionate. We just know that once she is in a nice calm home she will blossom into
an amazing cat. She just needs someone who will give her a chance.


Moogan – 137 days

Anyone who has met Moogan knows she has a big personality and an even bigger
voice. This girl loves people and she will follow you around the cat room meowing at
you with her deep little voice just begging for pets. While other cats aren’t her favorite,
she might tolerate a calm friend who would leave her be. She also doesn’t seem to
mind calm dogs too much. How is such a wonderful little cat still at the shelter? She
belongs in a home curled up on someone’s lap purring away.

**Moogan is currently being housed at Copper Country Vet Clinic in hopes of getting some new eyes on her to find her furrever home.


Kaz – 135 days

While she might act shy at first, don’t let her fool you. She absolutely loves people, and
she can be quite the little cuddlebug! She also doesn’t mind other cats, though she
would prefer a calm feline friend who would leave her be. This little lady also has a
playful side! She just loves batting toys around with her enormous feet. Please don’t let
the shy act fool you! She is a very affectionate gal who would love to be your new
couch potato.


Penelope – 132 days *Adopted!!!!!!!!*

Is that a purring cat bed? Nope! That’s Penelope! Penelope loves to curl up in a cat bed
and purr very loudly in hopes that someone will come give her some pets. This girl
would prefer a calm home with no other animals, though she might be okay with a
mellow canine or feline friend. Older kids would be best with this sweet and sassy girl,
as she doesn’t have a lot of patience for any young kids bothering her. She can be
quite the cuddlebug, but she also enjoys having time to herself too and isn’t overly
needy. She loves toys too, and this big girl could definitely use some exercise! She will
also need someone who will take the time to brush her regularly to keep her coat
looking beautiful. This girl has such a big personality, and anyone would be lucky to
have such a lovely cat in their home.


Brady – 127 days *Adopted!!!!!!!!*

This guy LOVES to play! You will often catch him running around his kennel like crazy
chasing a toy. He can be a little shy with new people at first, but once you spend a little
time with him he can be very sweet. He isn’t an overly cuddly cat, but he does love
pets. He isn’t very fond of other cats, and he does not seem to like dogs at all. With
Brady around you don’t need any other pets though! He is such a fun cat. If you’re
looking for a super playful friend, this guy would be great for you!