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Happy Tails


Hi there, Just want to give you an update on Fozzie, the Australian Shepherd we adopted from you. Hes a real clown and we love him to pieces. He fit right in with our Cattle dog Ruby, and thinks he owns the place. Thank you…

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Chuckie & Barre

I adopted these two little fellows after losing my old time buddy, Dooley in August. Their names are now Chuckie (NOT after the horror movie character) and Barre (named after two towns I used to live in — Barre, Massachusetts & Barre, Vermont) They have…

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Beaner Boy

I lost a cat that we fostered then adopted from CCHS….broke my heart. Zip am partial to Siamese as that is what I grew up. I was visiting CCHS regularly looking for a new cat. Becki took me in the back room a showed me…

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no photo

Jennie is enjoying life with her new sisters, Maisy and Bella! They love to walk together and enjoy playing together! Their favorite toy is a long snake. They each take a end and run through the house! Jennie is very affectionate and a great listener!…

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We adopted Jethro six months ago today! He bonded to us very quickly and we are inseparable from him. He’s the perfect dog for our lifestyle. He loves to be outside but is content with napping during the day while we are at class too!…

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I was lucky enough to find this beautiful dog. Her name was and still is Mallory. Today she is turning 9 and she was 10 or 11 months when she was under your care. I adopted her in Aug 2007, I just wanted to let…

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