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Adoptable Dogs

View our list of dogs available for adoption. Download the application and learn more about adopting a shelter pet.

Your adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, first set of vaccinations & de-worming, one year rabies for dogs over 4 months old, $5 gift certificate from Louie's Fresh Markets, $10 certificate for Wal*Mart, pet information folder and ID tag!

Alfred - ADOPTED!!

photo of Alfred - ADOPTED!! photo of Alfred - ADOPTED!!

Male, Labrador Retriever/Shepherd

Alfred is a sweet boy who is always happy to see everyone and will greet you with a wagging tail and kisses. He is a very good dog who listens well and just wants to show love and affection for anyone he comes into contact with. Alfred isn't high maintenance or overly energetic so he doesn't need an extremely active home, but would still enjoy some outside play time or a walk each day. Stop by and meet Alfred soon!

Anna - Adoption Pending

photo of Anna - Adoption Pending photo of Anna - Adoption Pending photo of Anna - Adoption Pending

Female, Black Labrador Retriever/Shepherd

Want to play? I'm a very playful, loving and cute young dog who is so excited to find a new home! I love kids and lived with all ages and I love walks, toys and everything fun! I love to play with most other dogs, but small dogs don't like me much since I'm kind of a bigger gal. Maybe I step on their toes? I would love to meet you so please stop by the shelter soon!


photo of Arthur photo of Arthur photo of Arthur

Male, Shepherd/Husky

Arthur is a goofy young boy who has a lot of energy and spunk. He is a good dog and will even be a great dog with some basic obedience training. He's still quite young so he loves to be on the go and would do great in a home where he gets a lot of play time, walks and activity. Come and visit this handsome fella!


photo of Buck photo of Buck

Male, Treeing Walker Coonhound

Are you looking for a new friend filled with energy and ready to go go go? If so, Buck is the dog for you. He needs a very active home where he will get a lot of exercise. He is so cute with his big floppy ears too. Buck would love to fill your life with love and excitement. Come spend time with him and you will fall in love.


photo of Buzz photo of Buzz photo of Buzz

Male, Black Labrador Retriever

Buzz is a happy, sweet and cute dog who loves everyone. He gets along great with other dogs, loves to play and run around. He really enjoys going for walks, playing out in the snow and snuggling up with his people. He is eager to find his forever home and looks forward to meeting you!


photo of Cosmo photo of Cosmo photo of Cosmo

Male, Pit Bull Terrier/Boxer

Let's play! Cosmo is a happy, energetic and silly young dog who is looking for a home where he can not only have a fun time playing with you, but also get some basic obedience training. He is very smart, loyal and lovable. He is always happy and will greet you by wagging not only his tail, but his entire body! Come and check out Cosmo!


photo of Dingo photo of Dingo

Male, Beagle

Meet Dingo! He is about 5 years old and all Beagle with that curious beagle nose. He loves to be outside sniffing around and playing. He gets along well with other dogs and every person he meets. He would be a great family friend, as he does well with kids of all ages.


photo of Dusty

Male, Beagle

Dusty is a goofy Beagle who is sweet, cute and very friendly. He gets along with some other dogs and loves people so much. He would be a great family dog and would have a lot of fun playing with kids. He is looking for a home where his people are around a lot because he prefers to be around them more than being alone. Come check out this happy fella!


photo of Enzo photo of Enzo photo of Enzo

Male, Bull Terrier/Catahoula Leopard Dog

I'm a very handsome and unique looking boy who is very committed and loyal to those I love. I'm looking for a calmer home where I can feel secure and loved for who I am. I don't care for a lot of noise or distraction..it doesn't make me grumpy, but I do get a little nervous and maybe even a bit sad. I'm a very sweet dog who just wants to find a place where my people will snuggle up with me on the couch, take me for a walk and be my best buddy. I hope you'll stop by and get to know me.


photo of Haakey photo of Haakey photo of Haakey

Male, Shepherd/Hound

Hello, I'm Haakey, a fine older gentleman who is very happy to meet you. I came to shelter after my beloved owner became ill. Shelter life was a bit rough for me so I'm staying with a foster family until my forever family comes along. I'm a mellow, calmer boy who really enjoys going for walks and playing ball. I'm not too energetic or overly excitable and I enjoy my down time. I would love to meet you so please call CCHS to let them know you'd like to meet me too!


photo of Kiser

Male, Chocolate Labrador Retriever/Boxer

Hello, great to meet you! I'm Kiser and I'm a big, burly boy who is one of a kind! I'm very friendly and fun and am looking for a home with a person or people who can handle a big strong guy like me. I would love to go for daily walks or have some playtime, as I really love to get out and enjoy the world. I'm not too hyper though and do enjoy my naps. Do you have toys? Omigosh - I LOVE toys!! I sure hope you'll stop by to see me soon.

Leah - Adoption Pending

photo of Leah - Adoption Pending photo of Leah - Adoption Pending

Female, Treeing Walker Coonhound/Hound

Maybe it's the big floppy ears, happy looking face or consistently bouncy personality, but there is something about a Hound dog that just draws people in! Leah is one of those dogs that will grab your attention; and not only because she bays quite loudly to get it! She is a very excited and happy girl who just wants to meet and greet anyone who walks by. She is an absolutely lovable girl who adores everyone. If you have a weakness for those big floppy ears, Leah may be the girl for you.


photo of Lexus photo of Lexus photo of Lexus

Female, Pit Bull Terrier

Look at that cute face! Lexus is a beautiful little sweetheart who deserves so much more in her life than being used as a breeding machine, as she was in the past. She is a happy little dog who is just looking for a loving home. She enjoys playing and going for walks and at the end of the day would like nothing more than to cuddle up next to you and give you kisses.


photo of Liliana photo of Liliana

Female, Pit Bull Terrier/Pointer

Liliana is a goofy girl who loves to play and have a good time. She is young, sweet and silly. She enjoys going out for walks and playing with toys, but also knows when it's time to settle down and snuggle up to those she loves. She is a good dog who is very excited to find her forever home.


photo of Nails

Male, Beagle

I'm a sweet older gentleman who is very mellow and relaxed. I don't lead a hectic lifestyle and prefer a calmer environment where I can relax, maybe listen to some soft music and sleep on a warm bed. A short walk makes me happy, as does a full tummy. Please stop by and meet me.


photo of Nosey photo of Nosey

Female, Cattle Dog/Terrier

Hi everyone! I'm Nosey and I really hope that we can be best friends! I'm a playful dog who loves everyone I meet. I'm always happy and very friendly. I get along with most other dogs and really enjoy playing with them. I have lived with kids so they are no problem for me. I would really love to meet you and hope you'll consider adopting me.


photo of Precious photo of Precious

Female, Pit Bull Terrier

Precious is an absolutely sweet and lovable Pit mix. She adores being around people and being affectionate with them. She likes to go for walks, play and settle down for some nice cozy snuggles at the end of the day. Precious would love to find her forever home.


photo of Ruthie photo of Ruthie

Female, Beagle

Pick me, please! I'm Ruthie and I love attention, and pets, love and hugs are all I really want. I'm a sweet senior who deserves more than to be left at a shelter after giving years of companionship. I'm a good girl who is well-behaved, potty trained and I promise to love you forever.


photo of Zak

Male, Poodle/Terrier

Look how cute I am! I'm a happy little fella who loves to play with squeaky toys and adores everyone I meet. I'm even good with kids! I'm an easy-going guy who is just looking for a new place to call me own, and new people to snuggle with...maybe you?