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Adoptable Cats

View our list of cats available for adoption. Download the application and learn more about adopting a shelter pet.

Your adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, first set of vaccinations & deworming, and microchipping.


photo of Bee photo of Bee photo of Bee

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Deep down I'm a sweet guy, but I spent a lot of time out on my own, so it is taking me a little while to get used to people again. I like some pets sometimes if you go slow with me, but I need someone who will be patient with me. I really love to play though! Toys just might be the key to my heart.


photo of Boris photo of Boris photo of Boris

Male, Domestic Medium Hair/Mix

I'm a sweet and sassy guy! I will let you know (loudly) when I want attention and I will let you know (loudly) when I've had enough. I'm a very silly guy! Don't mind my haircut. I had a lot of mats when I came in and I had to be shaved to get them all off. I am not a big fan of most other cats, but I did live with my friend Natasha, so I might be okay with a mellow friend. I have had some problems with urinary blockages in the past, so I will need to be on a prescription diet. I'm such a sweet boy, so I'm totally worth it!


photo of Cobb

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Aren't I handsome? I'm also super sweet! I love people so much. I will take all of the pets I can get.


photo of Colette photo of Colette photo of Colette

Female, Domestic Medium Hair

Please come give me some pets! I just love people! I'm still a little nervous, but I have been really coming out of my shell. I love to perch on the corner of a cat tower and squeak at everyone until I get pets. I also get along great with other cats!


photo of Fennec photo of Fennec photo of Fennec

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a goofy guy with a spunky personality! I like some attention, but I'm pretty independent. In fact I would really like to be in a home with no other pets. I'm a super playful guy! Toys are the best thing ever! Please give me a chance. I've been at the shelter for so long.


photo of Gabrielle photo of Gabrielle photo of Gabrielle

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a very independent lady. I like some attention, but I mostly like to keep to myself. That is unless you have toys. Bring out the toys and we are best friends! I also get along well with other cats. If you're looking for a feline friend who isn't too needy, I'm your gal!


photo of George

Male, Domestic Longhair/Mix


photo of Linden

Female, Domestic Medium Hair/Mix

Muk Muk

photo of Muk Muk

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm the sweetest teddy bear! I'm a big girl and I love to snuggle! People are the best. I'm slowly getting used to other cats again too. If you're looking for an affectionate, laid back cat you should pick me! I promise I will help you keep nice and cozy warm this winter with lots of cuddles!


photo of Nelson photo of Nelson photo of Nelson

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I might be a little shy at first, but deep down I'm a snuggler. Once I get to know you I will take all the pets I can get. I really would like a nice calm retirement home with no other cats. Please get me out of this busy place.


photo of Penelope photo of Penelope photo of Penelope

Female, Domestic Longhair/Mix

I'm a big ham. No, I'm not just shaped like one! I love to be the center of attention and will sprawl out on the benches or cat room floor until someone pays attention to me. I love to be pet! I really want a nice calm home. The weather is getting cooler, and I promise I would keep you nice and warm with my big fluffy coat.


photo of Popcorn

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a silly little girl! I like people sometimes, but you have to go slow with me. I'm not a needy lady, and I'm pretty content to hang out on my own. A full food bowl, some toys, and maybe a nice place to nap, and I'm good to go. I'm a calm girl just looking for a calm home.


photo of Ralphie

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm so upset that I am stuck here. I was so used to my nice home, and suddenly I've found myself here. I'm still not quite sure what to think being back at this scary place. Deep down I'm a gentle guy who loves pets, so please forgive me if I'm a bit hissy. I'm just nervous right now. If you bring me home I promise to be a good little couch potato. I've shown the staff what a love I can be when I calm down.


photo of Ridley photo of Ridley

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a big gal with a lot of love to give! I really like getting lots of pets and scritches. I don't mind being around other cats either! I'm such a good girl... Until my torti-tude takes over and I have to give you a light nibble. Don't worry they are just love bites! I'm a silly girl just waiting for the purrfect person or family to bring me home!


photo of Roger photo of Roger

Male, Siamese

I'm a super cuddly guy. I love people so much and I will take all the attention I can get! I'm just looking for the purrfect retirement home. A quiet calm home would be ideal for me. I get along with some other cats, but I would prefer a more calm feline friend.


photo of Sally

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Aren't I a pretty little thing? I'm also a love bug! I will take all the pets I can get, and if I don't feel like I'm getting enough attention I will start meowing at you until I do! I'm such a silly girl. I'm not the biggest fan of other cats right now, but I could probably coexist with one who left me be.